Friday, February 19, 2010

Bad day!

I was supposed to take the kids to a museum today to wrap up our week off from school. My son woke up sick and hugging a bowl. Sorry, didn't want to use actual words that would describe it so as to not give you a complete visual. Poor baby though! So we had to stay home. So I figured I'd work out today. It never happened. I just watched what I ate. While hubby and the kids had pizza, I ate a Weight Watchers Smart Ones meal. I think I'm going to have to go shopping for those next time. My husband did the shopping and he doesn't look at the back for the carb count. I don't blame him because that's a lot of work. I just leave the ones with high counts for him to take to work. By the way, in case you didn't know it, there are a lot of meals similar to Smart Ones that aren't "weight related" that have much lower carbs inside than the actual low weight ones. Just look on the back and you'll see what I mean.

So how did I do on the water thing and junk food? Not so good. I think I just pretty much gave up today. I didn't even "watch" that part of my eating. Very disappointed in myself. However, focusing on the positive with motivation, I managed to get some work done today. I'm working on an album for a photographer friend of mine. She has a client in need of a coffee table book and it's my first time creating it by scratch. It's exciting because I love doing this kind of work! I'm starting to get to know the software so it makes it a lot easier! Then I found a home for all of my scrapbooking junk, uh, I mean supplies. I stopped paper scrapping several years ago when I picked up digital scrapbooking. If you're ever interested in getting involved, check out my other blog. You'll find several freebies on there! It's called FlutterButter Designs. I don't sell anything over there. I just give away stuff! And show off stuff.

Anyway, I called an assisted living facility and asked if they'd like to have my items. They are so excited about getting it. So I will gather all the items tomorrow and make a run. I'm going to be very happy  to have it out of my bedroom! So will hubby!

So getting back to the weight thing. I did something I said I wouldn't do, step on the scale. So far, somehow, I have managed to keep those 3 pounds off that I lost earlier. Let's see if it stays that way until Monday. If it does, then I'll be tickled because that will mean a loss of 3 pounds for a week. I really shouldn't be losing more than that anyway if I want to keep it off. So tomorrow I need to be more motivated about working out! That's my goal......


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