Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Day (for the most part!)

Okay, so I made the goal. I feel good. We stopped at a museum and spent about 2 hours there with my walking about half of that. Then we drove home for about 2 1/2 hours. My breakfast consisted of cinnamon french toast with very little syrup, a glass of water, and a cup of hot cocoa. Hey! It's cold in the Northeast. For lunch, I wanted to be on the road and eat so I chose Taco Bell. I do know from when I was looking at fast food calories and carbs that the crunchy tacos are the best. It was better than a hamburger and fries. I also had a Pepsi.

Then we stopped about half way home and the kids wanted a snack. I kept looking and thinking "do I want this or do I need this?" I settled on a package that said it was low carbs and no chocolate! It was a package that included the word "soy" in it. I almost ate the whole thing, it was SOOOO good. It actually reminded me of when I lived in Japan. No one could understand why the burgers at McDonald's tasted different than the ones in the states. I knew. They were made from soy. Very few people knew that. Hamburger is outrageously expensive in Japan so they use soy to cut down on costs. They were the best burgers I've ever eaten!

For dinner, we had left over pot roast and corn. My drink was just water. I felt very good overall about the choices I made. Oops! I did forget one thing. I had a handful of white jelly beans. Yep, forgot to say "do I need these or do I want them?" The good news is that they have no fat, just carbs. Tomorrow we'll do a local museum. That means I'll be at home for part of the day. I could get myself into trouble there. So I'm going to try and enlist the kids in a Wii workout!


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