Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good news and Bad news!

We left this morning around 11. My son was carrying a few things downstairs, including his glasses. He didn't realize it but he'd dropped them and then proceeded to step on them. Wearing glasses is still a new thing for him and not habit. He's only had them for about 2 weeks. So we had to go to the eyeglass place and have them fixed before we left. About 2 hours into our drive, the snow started coming down pretty hard. It was difficult to see, especially for the large trucks. So we pulled over at a rest area and had lunch at McDonald's. Yep! I cheated big time. I can't stand McD's salads. I can never tell how long they've had those things! So I had a grilled chicken sandwich and fries.

That's not the worst of it though! We finally made our way to the museum. It was just as small as the museum we hit yesterday but they had some pretty neat stuff. The kids even got to pretend they were weather forecasters in front of a green screen. It was recorded and they got to watch it. So I recorded it too. They had a great time. Then we saw a barred owl demonstration, looked at scorpions, lizards, geckos (aren't they lizards?), and the worst - snakes! I couldn't believe it though. They had dead mice on plates in the tanks. Yuck! Last thing we did before leaving was to watch a 20 minute show in the planetarium. It was pretty cool because they had mats that you laid down on so you could look up at the screen. Best layout I've seen for a planetarium anywhere!

Overall, it took us only an hour and 45 minutes. I think I walked about 35 minutes of that. Then we headed to the hotel to check in. We hit the mall and saw, of all places, "Cheesecake Factory." We knew we had to go there for dinner. I never go someplace we have at home. We did well there. My daughter and I split a chicken salad. I truly believe they put entirely too much dressing on that thing though! I like my salads to just be parched with dressing. You know, thirsty for more. Drank a coke and called it a day.

That is until I walked by this place:

That's the photo I took with my cell phone. I thought, hmmm I'll just take a photo and pretend I went in. It didn't take me long to talk myself out of that! I ended up buying 6 chocolates with caramel and 2 other boxes of things that were on clearance "for the husband and kids." That one will ring true because they aren't anything that I like. But, I did eat all 6 of those other chocolates. Now really, do I NEED all this chocolate? I really need to join choco-holics anonymous (a.k.a CA). "Hi, my name is Denise and I'm a Chocoholic." What is my problem??? I've never felt the need to eat chocolate like this before. It's really odd.

So I ended up getting another 30 minutes of walking at the mall. The good news I mentioned in the title is that I weighed myself this morning and was down 3 pounds. The bad news is that I probably put it back on with my eating habits today. I'm not going to weigh myself again until Monday. I did manage to get in a LOT more water today than previous days which made me feel really good. I think overall I'm starting to be more conscious about choices and trying to get in walking time each day. Now if I could just get in some cardio, it might work to my benefit. Now I have to think of an attainable goal for tomorrow. I've missed all my goals this week so far and I'd like to meet just one!


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