Thursday, February 18, 2010

I worked out!

I'm excited because I actually worked out. It was only 15 minutes but it's a start. It made me realize how out of shape I really am because I was sweating! I used my Wii Fitness Coach Cardio workout today. I'm taking the kids to another museum tomorrow so I doubt I'll get the chance to do that again tomorrow. I'll try on Saturday instead. As far as meals go, I did pretty well. I skipped out on fries since "I wanted them." I did have pasta this evening but for whatever reason, I ate more than normal. I also got in a lot more water than normal, which is a great thing!

The only bad thing that happened today was eating chocolate (4 hearts) and several jelly beans. Ugh! I can tell I've been stressing all day because the inside of my lips are raw. I bite them when I'm stressing. I need to just relax. It was kind of nice tonight because my daughter asked me to teach her how to knit on a loom. She received them for Christmas and I haven't taught her yet. I'm still learning myself. So I take out the directions, learn and then teach her. I'm also in the process of learning how to knit on 4 needles. I've never done that before. The furthest I've ever gotten on knitting is making blankets. I need to buy larger needles tomorrow so that I can try and make some leg warmers for my daughter. They use them a lot in ice skating.

Hope your day has gone well and that you are able to stick better to a diet than I have. Sometimes I feel like I'm pointing out my weaknesses instead of focusing on the strengths. That's why I started out by telling you the good things so that I can focus on being positive rather than negative. It will only help you to fail by focusing on the negative.


Holly said...

I followed you over here from Kristin and Marisa's blog on their weight loss journey. You're quite funny! I know that food choices are hard to make sometimes and that it will take me a while to automatically choose salad over a burger, but slow and steady wins the race, right? Keep it can do it! Oh, and what's up with all the museums???

Anonymous said...

I've eaten salads all this week for lunch. Hurray! I'm getting my blonde hair tomorrow morning and hope that I can work at the body to go with it. lol


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