Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back!

Okay, so I took a dive off the edge of the earth for awhile. Sunday morning I woke up with pain in my chest. It hurt so bad that I knew I needed to go to the doctor's. Since my doctor's offices are open 7 days a week, I waited until 9 to make an appointment. I woke up at 5 with the pain and didn't get in until 10:20. The pain was so bad that I was crying hard. I knew in my heart (ha! No pun intended) that it wasn't a heart attack. So I showed up. The doctor was hot!!!!  No, not looks hot, but angry. He made me go to the emergency room. This  isn't my normal doctor, it's just the weekend jockey.

To make matters worse, he made me use oxygen and go in the ambulance. How embarrassing!!!!  So I showed up and told them I knew I wasn't having a heart attack. But that the pains did happen about a week and a half ago too. Long story that's now going to be shortened so I can spare you the major 6 hour details, the doctor came back into the room. I was with my husband and children by this time. My little boy is holding my hand - he's such a sweetie who loves to comfort people. His exact words were "you're perfect!" I said back to him, "See? That's what I've been telling my husband for years! I don't even have a crack in my butt." The doctor laughed at that and then told me that I was probably having musculoskeletal issues. In other words, I was having muscle spasms in my chest cavity and to take some motrin. Anything could have caused it. But it sure did hurt.

On top of that, the crying made my eyes so raw that they felt sunburned through Monday. I was wiped out physically. So I didn't worry about doing anything. Tuesday I had an album to do for a photographer and Wednesday I just said - fuhgettaboutit. Now I'm back full force. I belong to a wonderful group of women who scrapbook. We are such great friends and offer support to each other. One of them decided she was going to cut way back on her coffee and mentioned an application she got for her iPhone to track calories. Since I now own an iPod Touch, I decided I'd get one of the free ones. I also told her that since she was cutting back on coffee, I could do the same with soda - no more than 1 per day!

The one I chose is from a good site that I also belong to. It's FREE! It's called Spark People. The great thing about the app is that it's also free from iTunes. You can input your calorie intake, see how you fare through the day and go from there. If you decide to join, please use my name "wererich" or "Denise Rich" because I will earn 10 Spark Points. You can't do anything physical with the points. It's just a motivator. You can purchase virtual goodies though but I've never looked to see what they have. I just like the site!

So, I didn't exactly put in the foods I ate correctly but I did a roundabout. We made homemade enchiladas for dinner but I just wrote down that I had some kind of enchilada that was in the database because I was being lazy. The bad thing now is that it looks like I WAYYYY over ate today. Here's my outlook:

Total calorie intake it states 4,745. It's WAY off but I'll stay lazy for today.
Total carbs 499 - again, WAY off!
Fat - 244
Exercise (40 minutes of snowblowing, yes - it's in the database!) 214 calories burned

So if you go by this, I've probably gained about 5 pounds just by eating and such a small amount of exercise! Well, I'll keep better track tomorrow since I didn't really do it until this evening.

Hope your fitness quest is going well and you'll continue to support me in mine!


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