Sunday, February 14, 2010

My quest for a better body!

Okay, so ultimately I'm not REALLY looking for a better body. At least that's what I keep trying to tell myself. Ultimately it's about being healthy. I have 2 younger children who need their mom around for years to come. I am 43 years old *gasp*! I really have no idea how I got this old so quickly! I gained my weight after having my 2nd baby. I now weigh more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant. The only difference is the weight has shifted.

I'm tired of the pants not fitting. I'm tired of not having energy. I'm REALLY tired of not wearing shorts. So this morning, I woke up and decided today was the day to start. I had a great breakfast. Just a simple egg sandwich. A slice of white bread with 2 eggs and a slice of cheese. I didn't have any Miracle Whip which is something I always HAVE to have on my sandwiches. Don't give me any lectures about white bread. I can't stand any other kind of bread other than white. It's too dry!

The best part about waking up this morning to start was finding a website through another one that I follow that helps me to save money by using coupons. That specific site is called Couponing to Disney. Kristin owns that site and really has helped me to save money by learning how to shop with coupons. When I opened my Google Reader, she spoke about another site that her and Marisa had created to lose weight. It's called Wii to a new Mii. I couldn't believe it. Two women who were using their Wii to try and lose weight and I get to read about it on the very day I decide I have to take action!

Action is what I did. I am not a very motivated person when it comes to losing weight. I need someone to push me. I think it's in part because as a child and young adult, I never had to work at being skinny. I was anorexic and also had a very fast metabolism. Enter Mommy-hood and that metabolism slows down and the weight comes on. This morning I thought to myself, "wow, I need to lose 60 pounds!" That will put me at a good weight. It will be 5 pounds below what the doctor says is a safe range. The stupid Wii says I'm obese! That's hard to believe but I can agree that I'm overweight.

This evening I finally stepped on the scale. Guess what? I only need to lose 50 pounds. I was wrong in what I weighed. That means I've already lost 10 pounds without even trying! LOL. So here's what I did on my first day. I told you about my breakfast. I had a healthy lunchable - not the packaged Oscar Mayer kind with tons of preservatives. I did cheat a bit. I feel like I have to have a boost to get me going or I won't do anything. So to keep from snacking (a VERY bad habit of mine) I drank one Slimquick powdered drink. In my opinion it's better than doing Hydroxy Cut. Tonight I did have some stir fry and rice. However, I ate an appropriate amount and skipped the gyoza (Japanese potsticker). I also drank a medium sized Dr. Pepper (another weakness) from Burger King. If you know anything about Burger King's drinks, you know they are HUGE! I think it was 32 oz. Just a guess though!

Last but certainly NOT least. I had about 12 Hershey's kisses. Why? Like a mountain climber says when asked "why do you climb?" I said, "because it was there." I have another weakness called "chocolate." That's why I thought it was appropriate to make today's cartoon in the upper right corner about chocolate. I'm very picky about my chocolate though. No dark, yuck! I realize it's lower in calories but it just tastes disgusting in my opinion. I especially love Swiss milk chocolate! My favorite chocolates are with caramel.

Workout? Well, that involved working at a soup kitchen serving food for about an hour a half of walking/standing. Does that count?

Today may not have been the greatest day to start this diet but I'm going to do it. My daughter is in the Girl Scouts and I had to pick up all the cookies today. I can get all of them out of the house except 13. Those are the ones we bought. Yikes! So now you know what I'm going to try and do for the next year (or so). I'd love it if you'd join me. I think we could all use as much support as we can get. If you'd like some additional motivation? Make my blog your home page so that it will remind you of your goals. Let me know if you do! I'd love to hear from you!



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