Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a night!

I was so exhausted last night that I couldn't even think about getting on the computer. My daughter is a girl scout and they volunteered to help raise money for a local pet organization that helps pay for spay and neutering. They had an auction for art so we checked in coats, sold raffle tickets, gave out programs, etc. These are 8 - 10 year old girls that were standing on their feet from 4 - 9 at night. There were some grumbles about feet hurting and being hungry but once we told the adults to relax, it was fine (hee hee). No seriously, I am SOOO proud of each and every one of those girls. They helped out a great cause and the visiting adults loved them so much that they just kept giving out the money!

So I got back late, with my daughter half asleep in the car, and decided that I too, was tired! Into bed I went. The great news for me was that I kept well within my calorie intake. I didn't get very much water in though because I didn't want to keep running to the bathroom. Here's what it looked like yesterday:

Calories: 1206 (minimum was 1200). I even went to Panera Bread for a late lunch. It was so hard for me but I'm glad I looked online at the nutrition count. Normally I have a soup in a bread bowl. I looked at the calories and carbs and just about threw up! No way! So I did some checking and came up with the best lunch! Now I know what I can eat there. Get the U Pick 2. Order up a bowl of soup and a salad. You should be well within a decent amount of carbs. Go to Panera Bread's Nutrition Page and you can even build your own meal to see how you'll fare through so that you'll know what to order when you get there. I ended up getting a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup and asian chicken salad and was at 390 calories and 31 carbs. I was so excited because I love both of those things!

Yesterday wasn't a "required" day for exercise but since I am still starting out, I want to keep up the motivation. Since I was literally on my feet all night long, I estimated it at 150 calories burned. How did I do that? Just a WAG (wild a** guess). Yep! I wasn't just standing but I was also walking around. I know I had to have burned at least that! So that's what I put down!

Today I'm starting out great too! My husband went and bought the kids donuts. He came home and said, "and I didn't get you any." Yeah! My husband is keeping the temptations away from me and I didn't even ask him. What a sweetie! I jumped on the Wii Fit Plus to show the kids the new things they can do and I've already burned 38 calories. I'll get on it again and try to hit 150 since it's still not a required day of fitness.


Paula said...

You had a great day! Thanks for the Panera advice - love that place. Have you tried the Wii Active? I have lost about 20lbs since starting with it a few months ago. - Tougher but still fun work-outs.

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