Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Great week!

I kind of went off the deep end. Again with the ups and downs that I spoke about last time. I believe it was last week that I weighed myself and I was up 2 pounds. That meant since the beginning I'd only lost 2 pounds. The good news is that I've lost those 2 pounds so I'm back to my original 4 pound loss. I've decided to add some tickers on the side of my blog. One will show my progress and the other is to show the total progress of everyone following my blog. My goal is to have us hit the highest weight loss for any blog. I'll have to do some research to find out if anyone has a cumulative count going.

Unfortunately, I could only get the ticker that says exercise for total but that's okay. We'll know it's for total weight loss. So when you lose weight, let me know how many pounds and I'll add it to that week's total. If you gain, let me know that too as we want to have a true representation of how much is lost here. I hope you'll join me in trying to get rid of these unsightly pounds!

This week I've had some "issues." Most of them are related to lack of sleep. It's hard to maintain a blog when  you're in desperate need of sleep. I'm good now and that's probably why I lost those extra pounds to get back to where I was. The best part about this week came yesterday. I've had some problems putting on my pants and feel like I just have to get out of them as quickly as possible. And it's not because my husband is HOT - even though I think he's good looking. It's because they are so blasted uncomfortable! They just SCREAM - rip me off! So I listen and normally wear sweats or pajama bottoms.

Yesterday, I happened to grab a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in months. Guess what? They were comfortable. I know it's not because I've lost 4 pounds. I'm guessing I might have lost some "inches." I put that into quotations because in reality it's probably just a fraction of an inch but enough to make my pants comfortable. It really made me feel good. Then today, I decided to do the same thing. Grabbed a pair of pants that have been uncomfortable for months. Put them on and wore them all day! That just really bumped up the motivation level. I'm so excited! It's a small thing but I'm taking this road in small steps. Please let me know how you've done!


Lori said...

OMG . . . your bikini posts were hysterical! I seriously want to try your Chicken recipe too.

Jacquie said...

I love reading your blog. Why is it that women have to put up with this weight loss thing all their lives....:(

We started a 'biggest loser'threas at MLAS :)

I will keep you up to speed (or lack of it) on my weight loss :)

Hugs Jacquie

Good luck hun!

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