Monday, October 22, 2012

2 years later?

I stopped blogging because I lost a lot of motivation. Now I'm back! Sometimes I find that as a woman, we just take on so much that we forget about ourselves and get overwhelmed. So now I'm doing things for me. I've put on weight and quite honestly have wondered why no one has asked me when I'm going to have my baby. Nope! I'm not pregnant! Want to see what I look like?

Yes, all my photos are of me sitting down or hidden behind those silly looking children. Okay, they aren't my children - they are really 80-year old aliens that have come down to possess my life. And possess is what they do! My daughter is now 11 and my son is 8. They keep me super busy. They are both into gymnastics and swimming. We are on the run most days! So getting in exercise has been a challenge. But I have lost almost 10 pounds recently (okay, so it took me about 3 weeks to do it!). But I have maintained the loss!
The one change I made in the past two months was make a friend who loves to work out. We don't work out together because our lives are so filled with different things. But we made a bet. We had to commit to a workout for a specified amount of days per week. She's been trying to get me to do crunches. 100 of those bad boys a day! I thought she was nuts when she mentioned that. But she told me to break it down. 25 in the morning, 25 in the afternoon. 25 in the evening, and 25 before I go to bed. I thought, "Hey! I think I can do that!" You know what? I can too!
My other part of the committment was to walk 3 days a week. Last July I fell and sprained my ankle. Kind of wish at this point that I'd broken it because it was a 3rd degree sprain. If you don't know about sprains, know this - 3rd degree is about as bad as it can get. I severed one of my ligaments and tore my achilles tendon. It's now more than a year later and I'm still having problems. So I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on the 31st. So what does that mean for me? In the past year it's meant no real workouts. It's also meant a 20 pound weight gain! And now that I'm starting to walk with some gusto, I'm finding that I am losing weight by watching what I eat and swimming!
My son takes lessons at a local gym so my daughter and I have been swimming laps each week while he's in his lesson. Okay, she's swimming and I'm just dog paddling. MAN I'm out of shape! I've never huffed and puffed so much in my life! I seriously thought I would drown! I've been swimming now for about 3 weeks but always try to make up some excuse why I can't get in the water. My daughter didn't want to have any of it today. She saw me walking out of the door and ran up to me and said "uh mom? You're getting in right?" I always feel awkward getting out my ugly shorts and rash guard and flopping into the water. Then I'm waddling through the lane and barely making it to the other side. So I finally relented and jumped in today. You know what? I made it without so much as a puff. I did huff though. I think I might be getting used to this working out thing! If not, well then I will just have to pay off my bet. Unfortunately for me it would mean a lottery ticket to my friend and with my luck it will be the million dollar winner! So I guess I'll just have to keep at this!
By the way! Since I've been gone for awhile, I noticed some spammers making their way onto my blog. Know this people! I will delete your comments so go harrass someone else. I love my peeps and plan on eating you alive - even if it means I gain 10 pounds doing so!